Spring 2014 Lambing

New lambs for spring 2014New lambs are here. This little red girl is a few weeks old now. After last winter I wasn’t sure what might happen, but so far everyone has had twins. Now if it would just warm up and the grass begin to grow. Their mothers are hungry!

End of a season

950x425-2013-n001The garden is largely out for the winter. But these are the last of the peppers for 2013. It’s just crazy that we have this huge pile of peppers. We’ve made just about everything you can with them too. From stir fry to roasted pepper hummus, we’ve tried them all. The chickens are even getting tired of them!

Bad internet, bad

Sorry everyone but we had computer issues and lost all the entries on our website. We have some of the older ones and will move them over as possible. Thanks and bear with us.

In the meantime, if you’re interested we still have a black Corriedale fleece available and several Gulf Coast lambs as well as freezer lambs.

New Gulf Coast Lambs

Florida TripWe made a flying trip over the holiday weekend to get another line of Gulf Coast sheep from Laurie Adams at Silk Hope Farms near Gainesville, Florida. These lambs are from a University of Florida ram and should be only very distantly related to our current Gulf Coast. They have great markings and two of them had the Tunis-type wool when they were younger. So we are hopeful that they will add some interesting color genetics to the mix. Since our holding pen is around our orchard, and it has a very lush stand of grass and clover we are slowly acclimating the new lambs to the pasture. So far everything is going well though as they get more familiar with their surroundings.

End of Lambing Season

The last of the ewe’s had her lamb on Saturday which marks the end of our lambing season. We have the ewes and lambs rotating through on roughly a 5 day rotation. Next weekend we are planning a quick trip to Florida to pickup a few more lambs to add another line to the Gulf Coast flock. It’s a very busy time of year with many things to do. We are planning some interior fencing this summer to help with the rotation grazing as well as several other items. Stay tuned as we work through the summer.